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Eugene G. Lipov, MD

Eugene G. Lipov, MD is board certified in Anesthesiology as well as Pain Management. He completed Northwestern Medical School in 1984. He then attended Rush St. Luke’s Medical Center to pursue advanced training in Anesthesiology and Pain Management. He was on academic faculty at Rush St. Luke’s for more than five years.

Dr. Lipov is currently the Director of Research, Northwest Community Hospital and Medical Director, Advanced Pain Centers. He has had numerous appearances on network television for his innovative treatment of Hot Flashes and stimulators. He was an instructor for ISIS (International Spine Injection Society) and is a member of ISIS and NASS (North American Spine Society). Dr. Lipov formed and was the first president of the Illinois chapter of AISPP (American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians). Dr. Lipov lectures internationally and has authored Articles on his research for hot flashes, hybrid stimulators, and other pain topics. He and his team have developed methodologies to relieve various discomforts in new ways. His office has been recognized by the 2007 Chicago Innovation awards. Dr. Lipov is the founder of Advanced Pain Centers, and has been practicing in the field of pain medicine for 18 years.


For more information please call (877) 964-7246

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For more information please call (877) 964-7246.